Entry entitles a single exhibit, one driver/operator and UP TO one co-driver/passenger admission subject to pre-booking and payment where required. Additional passengers will be charged normal admission rates on the day.

Clubs/groups are politely asked to state the group they wish to be located with. Adjacent spaces cannot be guaranteed, although we will make reasonable endeavours to group entries together. Group entries are advised to arrange to meet locally and arrive at the venue at the same time.

Souvenir plaques will be available after 4.00pm on the day to exhibitors that have completed their application and received booking confirmation before 1st May. LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR A SOUVENIR PLAQUE.

Conditions of Entry, I declare that:

• There will be NO movement of my vehicle on site during the show opening times (11am-5pm) unless escorted by an official rally marshal.

• I agree to have my exhibit in position by 10.30am on the day and will not leave the rally site until 4.30pm.

• I agree to operate my exhibit during the event and comply with the instructions of the stewards, including adherence to the site speed limit.

• I agree that in the event of a dispute, the event organiser’s decision is final.

• During the event my exhibit will have a valid MOT certificate (if applicable) and will be covered by the minimum insurance requirements of the Road Traffic Act 1988, irrespective of whether my exhibit is used on the public highway or not. Insurance must cover the liability to members of the public, the exhibit, the driver and the use of the vehicle (including on rally fields) and be valid on the day of the event.

• EXHIBITORS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO SELL GOODS OR SERVICES without prior written agreement by Marsworth Steam Rally.

Additional conditions for ‘STEAM’ category;

• My exhibit is covered by a public liability policy and by a boiler explosion policy. Both policies have a limit of indemnity of not less than £2,000,000 for any one accident; and cover for sparks and ashes for not less than £100,000.

• The boiler of any steam plant I enter, carries a current boiler inspection certificate and I will produce documentary evidence of such insurance and inspection to you before participating in the event.

• The driver(s) have read the National Traction Engine Trust (NTET) Traction Engine Code of Practice.

• I agree to produce on request an inspection certificate in accordance with the I.E.E. Wiring Regulations for any electrical equipment (e.g. generators, appliances etc.)

• I agree to abide by the NTET Code of Practice and the society’s written statement of safety policy.

The entrant warrants agreement to the above and confirms that his/her exhibit and the driver thereof is so covered and that the driver holds a current driving license of the appropriate class and will produce such document if required.

You must accept the terms and conditions before we can process your application.